Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Thoughts on Drawing

If you really care about the subject you are portraying, chances are that you can't help but naturally be more direct when drawing it. Thus we can venture to say an integral part of the drawing process is to first locate that which you want to portray, and proceed from that to create the desire that drives forth the creation of the drawing. This once again emphasizes that much of the drawing process needs to take place in the mind.


Anonymous said...

amen. wow, i didn't know deep inside your head lies the matrix of a philosopher. figure drawing wednesday night at gw, im always there now. see you sometimes.

Tim Rauch said...

wow! hey, i just stopped by after your comment on my blog and read this post first, somehow. i like how directly you said that. its true, ive read very little about drawing ive ever agreed with so much. im gonna read more now.